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Welcome to Cañon City... your "gateway to adventure." Our community has a rich cultural heritage and interesting geologic history. We embrace our past and plan for an exciting future. Ours is a truly special community, with abundant recreational opportunities, vast open space from the plains to the Rocky Mountains, parks and trails, community events all year long, and of course the Arkansas River and the Royal Gorge. If you live here you know what I mean. If you are considering relocating your home or business, you will discover it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you around town or out on the trail. Mayor Preston R. Troutman

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Tip A Cop

The Cañon City Police Department is having their annual Tip A Cop at Chili’s this Sunday from 12pm-8pm. We would love for you to come out and get a meal and give a tip to the officers for this special event. All proceeds go to support our local athletes in the Special Olympics program. We hope to see you there!


Press Release - Efficient Water Use

Cañon City, CO. – As the summer season is here, there is a need to raise awareness of some issues that have come about due to the low levels of snowpack this winter. Many water providers in the state have already reported that there might be a shortage this year in their system. The Cañon City Water Department wishes to share with its customers some ideas of efficient water use that would be helpful to you, the customers, at any time to save money on your water bill.

Drinking water consumption only takes up about 5% of the total water used in a distribution system. Therefore, there is great room for improvement within our own homes and businesses for efficient use of water. Here are just some of the tips that have been proven to work:

1. When you water your lawn, irrigate for longer periods two or three times per week, rather than every day. This allows deep penetration and by watering early in the morning, you avoid excessive evaporation.

2. If you have a dripping faucet, please fix it. A dripping faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day.
3. Take showers, instead of baths. A shower uses 9 gallons per minute where a bath is 30-50 gallons.
4. Keep a pitcher of cold water in your refrigerator. Running the tap waiting for cold water can waste 5 –7 gallons per minute.
5. Use a broom to sweep your driveway, garage or sidewalk instead of using water.

For more information on efficient use of water, here are some interesting internet sites that are very helpful:




These sites provide information and give all a better understanding of the water we use every day.

The Cañon City Water Department wants to remind its customers of the need for all of us to be sensible in the use of all our natural resources, especially the water that we use in times of drought. It is our hope that the citizens in our wonderful community be good stewards of our water so that all may have water for use whether it is for domestic, irrigation or recreational purposes so that our natural resources are available for future generations to come. If our water supply becomes too low, the City of Cañon City Council would make the decision regarding mandatory water restrictions. This would be a last resort due to drought conditions.

If you have any questions regarding conservation or any other concerns about your water, please feel free to contact the staff at Cañon City Water Treatment (269-9019) or Cañon City Water Distribution (269-9022) for further information

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