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Welcome to Cañon City... your "gateway to adventure." Our community has a rich cultural heritage and interesting geologic history. We embrace our past and plan for an exciting future. Ours is a truly special community, with abundant recreational opportunities, vast open space from the plains to the Rocky Mountains, parks and trails, community events all year long, and of course the Arkansas River and the Royal Gorge. If you live here you know what I mean. If you are considering relocating your home or business, you will discover it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you around town or out on the trail. Mayor Preston R. Troutman

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The City of Cañon City has been named Tree City, USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation for the 37th consecutive year. The public is invited to participate in the City’s observance of Arbor Day on Friday, April 28, 2017 at John D. Havens City Hall, 128 Main Street. The ceremony will take place at 10:00 am and will include the planting of a tree and presentation of a Tree City, USA plaque to Mayor Preston Troutman from the District Forester John Grieve with the Colorado State Forest Service. The City of Cañon City encourages everyone to come out and celebrate with us to recognize the valuable asset that we share as a Tree City, USA!


The City of Cañon City Water Department Kicks Off National Drinking Water Week With Pride. The Water Department Celebrates 138 Years of Providing Cañon City with Safe Drinking Water!
The City of Cañon City Water Department invites you to join in commemorating 145 years of service to Cañon City’s public health. As part of National Drinking Water Week, the City Water Department is recognizing the generations of Cañon residents who ensured that our community had an ample supply of safe drinking water.
When you stop to think about it, the need for a safe supply of drinking water really can’t be overestimated. Clean water is essential to our lives and lifestyles, every single day.
American communities have not always enjoyed the benefits of having an ample supply of safe drinking water at their disposal. In fact, less than a century ago, thousands of Americans died every year from waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Because of the persistent threat from these illnesses, community public health officials, doctors and engineers banded together to form local systems for drinking water disinfection and delivery.
The City of Cañon City Water Department and City residents have worked together to help ensure the standard of living we all now enjoy. We would like to let you know a little bit more about how we have done it.
You are invited to an Open House at our Water Treatment Plant at 103 Tunnel Drive on Friday, May 12th from 9:00 pm to 2:00 pm for informative tours of our facility and have available staff to answer your questions about your water supply. Water Treatment Plant tours will begin at the top of each hour. If you have a group that would prefer a private tour or at another time, please contact Travis Payne, Cañon City Water Treatment Plant Chief Plant Operator, at 269-9019. Come join us!

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