Stormwater Division

Public Arts Mural Program

Volunteers Needed

Mountain View Core Knowledge School and the Cañon City Stormwater Program would like to thank all of the students who submitted art work for the mural project at the 4th Street Viaduct. One hundred thirty-four pieces of art were submitted from area students Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Sixty-eight of those were chosen to be featured in the art show at the Fremont Center for the Arts during the month of February. The public was asked to vote on their top three choices at the art show and via on-line voting. We had fantastic participation from the public – 490 ballots were cast through the two avenues with a total of 1,395 votes! 

Painting of the murals will occur the weeks of June 3-7 and June 10-14. The Public Arts Mural Committee is looking for both student and adult volunteers to assist in the painting. Citizens who wish to either volunteer or donate materials for the painting of the murals should contact Glenda DeBekker at or Meg Olsen at

The Mural Committee wishes to congratulate the following students on being chosen the Top 10 Citizen’s Choices during the art show at the Fremont Center for the Arts in February. These art submittals will be incorporated into the murals.

  • Alexandra Weatherill CCHS 12th Grade (chosen by City Council to be featured on the large support)
  • Leilani Medina Home School 6th Grade (2 entries in the top 10)
  • Creative Kids 4H Club various grades
  • Natalie Henry MVCKS 2nd Grade
  • Quinn Witkowski MVCKS 2nd Grade
  • Emily Rabinovitz MVCKS 7th Grade
  • Gavin Reddick, Thor Shelver, Joel Riva and Mason Coleman joint submittal MVCKS 4thGrade
  •  James Henry MVCKS 4th Grade
  • Taylor Garruto MVCKS 5th Grade


Top 10 Citizen Choices

The Public Arts Mural Program Committee is pleased to announce the top 10 citizen choices for the art work to be used in replacing the existing murals at the 4th Street Viaduct.  These top 10 choices will be presented to City Council at the Council meeting on 4/15/19 so they may choose the art work to be used on the large support.  The remaining art work will be used in the rest of the murals as the committee determines.  Painting of the murals will occur in late May or early June.  We welcome any citizens who would like to volunteer their time and/or supplies for the mural painting.  Watch for the dates to be announced in the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested please contact Glenda DeBekker at

Additionally, the Committee is pleased to announce that one of the submitted art pieces was chosen by Fremont Adventure Recreation to be featured on the back cover of their 2019 Student Adventure Guide, published April 1st.  Congratulations to Elijah McBride, Mountain View Core Knowledge School, 5th Grade!


Thank you for voting!

The Public Arts Mural Committee will submit the top 10 choices to Cañon City Council in April for selection of the art for the large support. The committee will arrange the rest of the chosen artwork as best fits the areas to be painted. Painting of the murals will be done in May. The committee would like to thank every student that submitted art for this year’s mural program.