Bicycle Licensing

Bicycle Licensing Program

Cañon City Police Department and the City of Cañon City are proud to offer our residents a bicycle licensing program. All you have to do is come into the Police Department at 161 Justice Center Road on Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and request to license your bicycle.

Bicycle Details

Bring a good description of your bicycle (make, color, distinguishing marks, and most importantly, your bicycle's serial number). The cost to provide this service is only $1.

Bicycles Lined Up in a Row

License Number Decal

You will fill out a form and get a difficult-to-remove-once-applied decal with a license number to place in on your bicycle. In the event your bicycle is stolen and recovered, we will simply locate your name and phone number that is kept safe and securely in our Records Unit and give you a call.


Please ride your bicycles safely and follow bicycle traffic rules and always, but always, wear a helmet.