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January 25, 2021

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Welcome Bella Phoenix Recovery & Thrift Store AND Brooke's Hair and Nails

Phoenix Thrift StoreDowntown welcomed two new merchants this week: Cindy Gall, of Bella Phoenix Recovery and Thrift Store and her daughter Brooke Tackett, of Brooke’s Hair and Nails. Both businesses operate out of 121 S. Fifth St.

After a 16-year career as a realtor in Fort Hood, Texas, Cindy Gall returned to her native Cañon City. She wanted a new direction but realized the art of the sale was still in her blood. The solution was to try her hand at retail. “I am all about creativity and problem solving,” Gall said. “Running a business definitely scratches those two itches.”

The store includes men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, and other items. Her daughter, Brooke, has six years of cosmetology experience and the two are thrilled to embark on an adventure together. Ask Gall about the future of her business and it’s clear she wants to expand and diversify as her new store takes off. She is also excited to participate in making Downtown Cañon City a destination.

Eventually, she wants her business to directly benefit people and families recovering from addiction and other personal struggles. That’s why she chose the name Bella Phoenix. “I like to dream big,” Gall laughed.


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