What is a special review use?

Each of the zone districts in the city has a list of permitted, special review uses and conditional uses. Special review uses are intended to fill a particular void in services but because of their possible impacts on a neighborhood they are looked at carefully before they are approved. Approval of a special review use is dependent on compatibility with surrounding land uses, design of the property, and operation and management of the use. Special review use approvals can be vested with the land in perpetuity or can be for a specific period of time. An applicant requesting a special review use must have a pre-application conference with city staff.

Request Process

Special review use requests must go through a public hearing process in front of Planning Commission and City Council and may be approved, approved with conditions or denied. Depending on the zone district, examples of special review uses are: accessory dwelling units, schools, recreational and social facilities, child care centers, professional offices, animal kennels/hospitals and salvage yards. Refer to Chapter 17.24 and 17.12 of the Zoning Regulations for more information about special review use

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