Business Licensing

It is time to renew your Business License for 2023. The required applications can be found below for the six types of businesses that need a license to conduct business within the City. All renewal licenses need to be turned in by May 1, 2023. 

New Business Licenses & Renewals

New business licensing was passed by City Council during the March 6, 2023 council meeting. Alarm Companies, Auctioneers, and Individual Security Guards are no longer required to be licensed (only the Security Guard Company is). 

Ordinance 3, Series 2023: Amending Titles 5, 8, and 9 of the Cañon City Municipal Code Concerning Licenses and Regulations for Specific Businesses Within the City.

Contractor Licenses & Sales/Use Tax Info

  • For information on contractor licensing click here.
  • For information on sales and use tax click here.


View the guidelines for filing Cañon City Sales and Use Tax. For questions contact Bekah Maestas at 719.276.5296 or

Municipal Code

View municipal code pertaining to business licenses and regulations.