Economic Development

The Cañon City area is a land of opportunity for companies looking to startup or expand in Colorado with the following great benefits:

  • An excellent climate
  • Excellent transportation connections
  • Expanding job training programs
  • Lower wage levels compared to other parts of the state
  • Over 8 million visitors to southeast Colorado
  • Affordable and readily available land


Our aim in Cañon City is to assist prospective business owners in opening their business in our community. While there is information available on the website, we encourage you to contact City staff members early in the process to ensure the most efficient use of your time and to discuss permit and approval requirements. If you have questions at any point in the process, please contact the appropriate City Department for additional information.

Business Licensing & Registration

The City of Canon City requires business licenses for certain types of businesses. You can review business licensing requirements here.

In 2023, the city will also be creating a business registry that will be used to connect new and existing businesses to business and grant resources as well as ensure that properties are known and accessible by emergency services such as fire and police.  

Sales Tax License

As of January 2021, the City of Canon City no longer requires a City-issued sales tax license. All sales tax for the City of Cañon City is now collected by the State of Colorado. When you file your January sales tax return for the State of Colorado and submit it in February, you will need to include the City of Cañon City’s sales tax on the State of Colorado portal under the City of Cañon City column on the return. Please refer to the state’s website for further details:

Construction / Renovations

For information regarding new construction, building renovations, and all construction-related permits, or to learn about the construction and renovation review process please contact Building Official Kathy Ulsh at 719.276.5253.

Zoning Ordinances

Additional requirements, such as special land use permits, may exist for certain types of businesses, such as restaurants serving alcohol, auto repair facilities, or home-based businesses. Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance or contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 719.276.5294 for additional details.