Professional Standards Unit


The Professional Standards Unit investigates citizens' complaints and conducts internal investigations assigned by the Chief of Police. This unit is also responsible for numerous administrative reports dealing with police activities. The Professional Standards Unit conducts staff inspections to ensure policies are being followed by every unit of the department.

Contact Us

To commend, compliment or file a complaint regarding the performance of a Cañon City Police Department employee, notify a Police Department Supervisor by:

  • Visiting the Police Department in person.
  • Calling the Cañon City Police Department's Comment Line for Commendations and Complaints at 719-276-5626.
  • Mailing comments to
    161 Justice Center Road
    Cañon City, CO 81212

If you have an emergency dial 911.

Processing Commendation for Employees

When a commendation is received verbally by the Police Department, a Citizen Commendation form will be completed by the receiving supervisor and forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of Police. Letters of commendation are made a part of the employee's personnel file.

Processing Complaints Against Employees

It is the policy of the Cañon City Police Department to take appropriate actions to resolve all complaints concerning alleged misconduct or criminal activity lodged against members and/or employees of the department concerning alleged misconduct or criminal activity. Such complaints may be submitted orally or in written form through the completion of the departmental citizen's complaint form. Complaints concerning juveniles may be initiated by a parent or guardian, but the juvenile must be available for an interview. All complaints received will be given full attention by departmental personnel. Officers have the same rights as citizens against self-incrimination in criminal cases.

Steps in Filing a Complaint

All complaints received by any means are handled by completing the following steps:

  1. Persons desiring to file a complaint complete a fact sheet.
    • Complainant secures a form at the Police Department and completes and signs the form.
    • Complainant speaks with a supervisor at the Police Department who in turn fills out the form for the complainant and has them sign the form.
  2.  Upon completion of the fact sheet, the complainant is provided with a copy of the sheet as written documentation of the complaint.
  3. Departmental Supervisors receiving the fact sheet forward the remaining copies of the complaint to the Division Commander through the chain of command for review and assignment.
  4. The complaint is then assigned to the appropriate personnel for investigation.
  5. All necessary investigative steps are taken which will include an interview with the complainant. When the investigator assigned completes the process, the completed form is forwarded to the appropriate Administrative Officer for review and necessary administrative action.
  6. The complainant will be notified at the earliest possible time as to the results of the investigation. This notification will be in written form.

Note: Any intentionally false, misleading or untrue statements, accusations, or allegations made in regard to employees of the Police Department may lead to civil or criminal sanctions.