Victim Services

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The Colorado Victim Rights Amendment became effective in 1993. The purpose of this amendment is to guarantee victims of violent crime a voice in the criminal justice system.

Victims of crime may experience physical injury, emotional harm or financial loss. Once the crime is reported, victims may feel powerless within the criminal justice system. Colorado law enforcement and all components of the criminal justice system are working to empower every victim of a violent crime.

Quality of Life

The Cañon City Police Department is dedicated to positively impacting the quality of life for the citizens of Cañon City by assisting victims, survivors, families, neighbors and businesses experiencing crime or trauma. Through personal contact, telephone calls, and written correspondence our Victim Advocates ensure that crime victims understand their rights and have their needs met throughout the criminal justice process.

Resources & Contact Us

Victims services for all victims, regardless of age, for the Cañon City Police Department are provided through the Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center. They can be contacted at 719.285.7531.

Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center
1145 Ohio Avenue
Cañon City, CO