Downtown Life Safety Grant Program

The Cañon City Area for Reinvestment Expansion (C-CARE), through the C-CARE Downtown Life Safety and Accessibility Grant Program, may provide a reimbursement grant matching up to 75% of qualifying life safety and handicapped accessibility improvement project costs in an amount up to $50,000 per property. The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance for the installation of fire suppression, safety code, and accessibility requirements necessary to bring older buildings into compliance with current and applicable building, fire, and accessibility codes. The program incentivizes downtown Cañon City property owners to update and improve existing commercial buildings in order to increase the economic vitality of the buildings and increase sales tax and property values, while preserving and enhancing Cañon City's architectural and cultural history.

For further questions about the program, please contact Rick Harrmann, Economic Development Manager at

Cañon City Downtown Life Safety Grant Application and Guidelines