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Tree Voucher Planting Request

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  2. Street Tree Voucher Program
    Tree Planting Request
  3. Residents who have lost a street tree or desire a first-time new street tree may apply for a street tree voucher. Trees must be planted on the City right of way adjacent to their property (normally located between the street curb and sidewalk). Voucher holders may choose a tree from the approved list. Trees may NOT be planted on private property or outside the City Limits.

    Minimum spacing and height requirements must be met which will dictate the number and size of trees allowed.

    After the Parks Director approves the planting site and mature tree size allowed, the homeowner will be issued this voucher which may be taken to either Seufer Tree Farm at 345 S Raynolds Avenue or Brady's Evergreen Nursery at 829 Brewster Avenue and exchanged for an approved tree of your choice. The maximum value of this voucher is $175.00; if you choose a tree over this amount the voucher holder is solely responsible to pay the difference above and beyond the $175.00 limit.

    Property owners or occupants must agree to plant the tree according to provided planting instructions and water the planting(s) for up to 3 years, once a week, or as needed during warm weather and once a month during cold weather. The City will prune the tree as needed. Prior to planting the tree the homeowner MUST contact 811 for utility locates. The City is not responsible for damage to utilities or other underground services.

    The City of Canon City reserves the right to accept or reject orders. Rules and regulations covered under Municipal Code chapter 5.52 shall be used to guide street tree planting(s).

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