Project List

Below is a list of all Public Works projects for 2022.


  • Bridge Maintenance

Building Demolition / Site Prep

  • 304 S 1st Street - Skyline Steel
  • New Method Laundry


  • Clock Tower Plaza Redeisgn
  • Relocation of Parks Department Headquarters (Design Only)

Planning / Survey

  • 4-Mile Ranch: Love’s Travel Stop, Love’s RV Park
  • Les Schwab Tire Center
  • Keystone Ridge Residential Development

  • St. Scholastica

  • City Market Gas Station

  • 1004 Royal Gorge Boulevard

  • 302 Royal Gorge Boulevard


  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan - Dawson Ranch (design only)
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan – Abbey Drainage (Rhodes Ave)
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan – NE Canon Drainage (WPA Channel)(design only)
  • Stormwater Facility Maintenance


  • 2A Raynolds Avenue (US Hwy 50-Pear St.), Pear Street (Raynolds Ave.-19th St.), Field Ave (Pear St.-Central Ave.)
  • 2A Main Street (Royal Gorge Blvd.-4th St.), in conjunction with Bump-Outs grant at 3rd and Main, and a Complete Streets grant for 3rd Street
  • 2A Franklin Street
  • Concrete Street panel replacements and crack sealing
  • Alley Reconstruction – Downtown (design only)
  • Chip/Crack Seal
  • Miscellaneous Concrete
  • Skyview Court Dedication

Quality of Life / Colorado Department of Transportation


  • Raynolds Avenue Water Main Replacement


  • Continue Wayfinding Signage