Sidewalk Replacement Program

Maintenance of Sidewalks

It is the responsibility of property owners and tenants to keep sidewalks clear of ice, mud, dirt, rubbish and filth, and after any fall of snow, to clear the snow immediately. See Cañon City Municipal Code Title 12.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

The intent of Sidewalk Replacement Program is to replace existing public sidewalk located in the City’s rights-of-way that are:

  • Broken
  • Damaged
  • Heaved
  • In disrepair
  • Not meeting current specifications
  • Unsafe/Hazardous

The program is a cost share between the City and the individual property owner whose property is adjacent to the sidewalk to be replaced.    

Application for Sidewalk Replacement

Application for sidewalk replacement must be by the owner of the property. Application to the Engineering Department can be by phone or in person. Replacement of sidewalk will fall within one of two scenarios based on size of repair:

Scenario 1 - Area of total cumulative repair equal to or less than 100 square feet City Crew Replaces Sidewalk - Under this scenario the applicant signs an agreement with the City and pays their portion for replacement up front. The work is then done by the City usually within 60 days.

Scenario 2 - Area of total cumulative repair is greater than 100 square feet Contractor Replaces Sidewalk - Under this scenario the applicant hires a licensed bonded contractor who obtains a City Excavation Permit and performs the repair. The applicant then pays the contractor in full for the work and submits a request for reimbursement to the City for the City’s portion for the replacement. Reimbursement is usually made within 4 weeks of submittal of request.

Sidewalk Replacement Program Details

  • The applicant can choose to replace all portions of sidewalk in need of repair or only sections.
  • The City shall pay 100% of the following costs when:
    1. Replacement of curb portion where the sidewalk is attached to the curb (“Hollywood Curb”).  The applicant only pays towards the area of the sidewalk.
    2. Replacement of curb & gutter adjacent to sidewalk that needs replaced to effectively repair the sidewalk.
    3. Sidewalk corners at intersections needing repair and/or updates for accessibility.
    4. Alley crossings needing repair and/or updates
    5. Widening the sidewalk as necessary where existing sidewalk does not meet current width standards
    6. Additional sidewalk thickness as required for driveways or otherwise.
  • The program is for replacement of existing sidewalk only. If evidence of past sidewalk can be shown, then it qualifies.

  • Program is for replacement of public walkways and not private walks from the street to the property.

  • The program is not for assistance in replacing sidewalk that is primarily being replaced for reasons other than disrepair, such as creation of a new driveway or repair of sidewalk following utility work.

  • Questions of liability with regard to hazardous sidewalk should be asked of the applicant’s legal counsel.

  • Repair for damages done by individuals or contractors in construction activities or other activities that may be detrimental to the integrity of the sidewalk will not be eligible for participation in the program.

  • Repair of sidewalk that is needed adjacent to property prior to start of construction for which building permits have been applied for will be made a requirement of approval of such permits. Participation in the program for these repairs will be encouraged.

  • Replacement price of sidewalk may be adjusted in the future to better reflect the actual cost of replacement.

  • Sidewalks are generally replaced due to hazardous conditions or deterioration, including cracks.

  • Trees may or may not need to be removed with the replacement of the sidewalk. Tree removal is done by the City and removal of the stump must be coordinated with the work.