Water Supply

City Supply

The City’s forefathers were very forward-thinking when it came to supplying water to its citizens and future generations. Having the beneficial use of the Hydraulic Ditch & Irrigating Company’s water right decreed for domestic use as well as agricultural is a prime example of this. Previous City officials secured some of the oldest and most senior direct flow water rights on the Arkansas River.

Direct Flow Water Rights

Direct flow water rights take its water directly from the surface stream or tributary groundwater supply for application to beneficial use. It is expressed in cubic feet per second of flow (cfs). The State Division of Water Resources according to appropriation dates administers the direct flow water rights. If there is not enough water in Arkansas River to satisfy a Water Right, a call is placed on the River by the Water Commissioner for that appropriation date.

Water Resources

  • To check the call on the river, go to the Colorado Division of Water Resources.
  • To see the current flows through Cañon City go to the Colorado Division of Water Resources.