Contractor Information

Welcome to the City of Cañon City Building Department. If you would like more information on what you need to submit with an application, please contact the Building Department at 719-276-5253. 

Contractor Licensing Applications

Homeowners, Business Owners, and Citizens of Cañon City

Spring and Summer have people getting ready to move forward with projects they have been wanting to accomplish. This could be building a shed, garage, addition, fence, pergola, or any other construction project.

When hiring a contractor to start your project be sure to ask the following questions.

  • Are you a licensed contractor with the City of Cañon City?
  • Can you show me proof of liability insurance?
  • Will this require a permit? 
  • Who is going to obtain the permit - owner or contractor?
  • What type of inspections are required?
  • Who is going to call for the appropriate inspections?

The building department provides a list of licensed contractors on our website that is updated once a month. You can also check our online portal to see to review any permit information for a property and locate licensed contractors in our area.

If you are not sure whether your project needs a permit or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact the Building Department at (719) 276-5253.