Community Vitality

The Community Vitality Department is comprised of the City's Building Department, Economic Development Office, and Planning & Zoning. These City departments focus on short and long-term growth and development within Cañon City including:

  • Building construction, permitting, and inspections
  • Community revitalization and economic development
  • Current planning and zoning, including the subdivision of land
  • Long-term strategic planning

Quality of Life

We strive to improve the short-term quality of life in our community and to sustain long-term economic vitality of Cañon City for future generations.


Cañon City is a vibrant, attractive, and safe community that values quality of life, adventure, and prosperity.

Strategic Plan

A new Strategy Map for the City was introduced to the council during the December 9, 2020, General Government Meeting. This new Strategy Map implements a balanced scorecard with measurable goals focusing on both customer and financial perspectives.

Community Plans

Existing and In-Progress community plans are available.