Water Taps


Water taps are sold by size of tap, not use. Water tap size is determined by the applicant and the applicable plumbing code.  The size of the tap must be the same as the service line.

Applications for connection to the City’s water system are submitted to the City Engineer for approval.

View the Water Tap Application (PDF).

Instructions for Completion

Fill out the top half of the water tap application, sign, and deliver to City Hall, located at:
128 Main Street
Cañon City, CO 81212

The City Engineer will review the application and if approved, the applicant will be contacted with the cost of the tap. The water tap permit will be issued upon payment. Water tap applications are typically approved within 24 hours of receipt.

Applications for water taps must be for a single parcel and be site specific. Only one tap per parcel of land is permitted.


Costs for water taps can be found in the Cañon City Municipal Code, Appendix Chapter 13.08 Water Rates and Fees Schedules.

Additional costs in connecting to the water system include a meter, meter pit, backflow prevention devices and other appurtenances. The applicant must also hire a licensed and bonded contractor to make the physical tap. Other costs associated with connecting to the water system may include installing, replacing, or extending water main to the property if existing facilities are inadequate.

Taps Outside the City Limits

Water Service Contracts

In addition to the water tap application, a Water Service Contract is required for all taps outside the city limits.

Water Service Contracts must be approved by City Council.  It takes a minimum of 30 days to process a Water Service Contract for approval. Water Service Contracts may contain conditions that include:

annexation, water main upgrade or installation, right-of-way dedication, development standards, infrastructure improvements and transfer of water rights to the City.


A water tap application for a lot within a subdivision covered by an approved and recorded Water Service Contract can only be processed and sold after:

  1. The subdivision plat is recorded
  2. All requirements stated in the contract have been completed

Lincoln Park Water District

Property owners within the old Lincoln Park Water District pay inside water tap fees but still require a Water Service Contract. View a list of addresses (PDF) that are within this district.