Lock It Up

Secure Your Property 

In most cases, in order for a crime to be committed, there has to be an opportunity for the criminal to commit the crime. What that means is most criminals like things easy, for example:

  • Laptops and cell phones and purses left in unlocked cars or left in view in locked cars,
  • Cars left with keys in them or running unattended,
  • Doors left unlocked or with inadequate locking mechanisms,
  • Windows that don't have clear sightlines and are left unlocked or open

In this day and age, residents need to become more aware of how they protect their belongings, their vehicles, and their homes. Canon City Police Department would like to remind all residents and visitors to:

  • Lock It up!
  • Everywhere
  • Every Time
  • Every Day
  • Every Night

Working together, we can keep Canon City a safe place to live, work, and play! For more information on protecting your residence or business, please visit Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

Keep Calm and Lock it Up