Deer Harvesting Program

In 2017 a number of citizens approached City Council with concerns about the local deer population getting out of control, causing a nuisance to properties, and being a hazard to vehicular travel. A number of meetings were held with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and our local BLM to discuss ways to mitigate the damage deer were inflicting upon our community as well as ways to control overpopulation. In response, City Council passed an ordinance that allows for the bow hunting of deer within city limits during deer hunting season. 

2021: 73 licenses were sold and 25 deer were harvested within city limits under this program.
2022: (info coming soon)

City Ordinance
Sec. 6.11.010. - Deer Harvesting Program


In an effort to reduce the overpopulation of deer in the City, the Council of Cañon City hereby establishes a Deer Harvesting Program wherein Colorado Parks and Wildlife will issue additional deer hunting rifle and archery licenses to allow additional individuals to harvest deer within City limits by crossbow, recurve bow, or compound bow.


Any individuals wishing to participate in the Deer Harvesting Program must first obtain a deer hunting rifle or archery license from Colorado Parks and Wildlife subject to Colorado Parks and Wildlife hunter competency and safety guidelines.


Hunters possessing a lawful deer rifle or archery hunting license must comply with all state regulations while participating in this Deer Harvesting Program. In addition, each hunter participating in the Program:


Shall shoot from an elevated stand with a minimum height of four (4) feet, except for hunters who are eligible for a mobility-impaired hunting license pursuant to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations;


Shall acquire written or verbal permission from private landowners prior to hunting or dressing on private property;


Is prohibited from hunting on private property that is less than one (1) acre; and


Is prohibited from targeting, wounding, or killing the rare albino deer species.


Nothing in this section is intended to supersede Section 9.56.010 of this Code relating to the discharging of weapons.


Nothing in this section is intended to supersede state regulations relating to hunting, including, but not limited to, state license requirements.

Deer Harvesting Program Inquiry


Residents/hunters who are interested in hunting deer (by crossbow, recurve bow, or compound bow) on private property within City limits may fill out an inquiry form which will be distributed to homeowners that have expressed interest in allowing the hunting of deer on their property during hunting season. Homeowners will reach out to residents.


Homeowners with one or more acres of land who are interested in allowing the hunting of deer (by crossbow, recurve bow, or compound bow) on their property within City limits may fill out the interest form below. You will be provided with a list of residents who are interested in hunting deer on private property with their contact information for you to reach out to if you are so inclined.

Deer Harvesting Program Inquiry Form

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