Co-Response Unit

Who is Co-Response? 

Co-Response is a team made up of an officer and a licensed mental health clinician. When there is a call out to the community involving mental health, this team will arrive on scene and assess the needs of the party. After determining primary needs for safety, the team then refers the individual to any services or programs deemed appropriate. The Co-Response Unit partners with several agencies throughout the community to stay aware of current programs and services. 

Co-Response Mission 

We believe healthy communities are safe communities, that mental illness is not a crime, and that jails and hospitals should not be seen as the best ways to access appropriate care leading to long-term wellness.  

What We Do 

  • Increase on-scene safety for all involved parties
  • Route community members to the least restrictive necessary level of care 
  • Avoid unnecessary use of emergency room/ambulance 
  • Reduce incarceration related to crimes secondary to mental illness 
  • Provide follow up care coordination to ensure people are able to access care 
  • Create a culture of police-mental health collaboration with a focus on community needs and partnerships 

How to Reach Us 

When you call police and mental health resources are needed, you can request the Co-Response Unit from Dispatch. Call 9-1-1 or 719.276.5600 for non-emergencies. If the Co-Response Unit is not available, a patrol officer will come to assist you. They will send a referral to Co-Response if follow-up is requested or the individual would benefit from some type of follow-up from a co-responder officer or clinician. 

Crisis Assistance Resources


Co-Responders respond to mental health-related calls with law enforcement to provide crisis de-escalation, intervention, assessment, and linkage to appropriate services.  Co-Responders need to approach situations with not only the tools to de-escalate emergency situations, but also the ability to begin engaging individuals with strengths-based, person-centered approaches that provide necessary skills and support needed to avoid future escalations. 

Co-Response Clinicians are employees of SolVista Health and are hired through their career services. You can check to see if SolViista is hiring by visiting their website.