Public Information

The Public Information Department provides and supports internal and external communication & outreach efforts for the City of Cañon City. This department provides Cañon City citizens and businesses with comprehensive information about the activities and operations of their local government. The PIO coordinates an integrated City communication program using print, website content, social media, online civic engagement tools, and video to deliver consistent and timely messages to the public.

Media Inquiries

The Public Information Department handles Media inquiries and other communications-related items for the City. Inquiries should be directed to Kristy Gotham, Public Information Officer, at or 719.429.0096.

Records Request

Requests for Records is handled through our City Clerk's Office. If you would like to make an Open Records Request, view the Open Records Policy (PDF), then complete the online Request for Records Form. You may also print out a Records Request Form (PDF) and bring the completed form to City Hall at 128 Main Street. Please contact Cindy Foster Owens at 719.276.5242 for more information.

Police record requests are handled through the Cañon City Police Department. You may complete the online Police Department Request for Records Form or print out a Police Department Request for Records Form (PDF) and bring the completed form to the Police Station at 161 Justice Center Road. Please contact the records department at or 719.276.5600 option 1 for more information.

Report An Issue to the City

SeeClickFix is a web tool that allows citizens to report non-emergency neighborhood issues which are communicated to local government. Please be advised that this application is not to be used for emergencies. For urgent matters that require immediate attention, call 911. For water main breaks or customer emergencies call the Water Distribution Department at 719.269.9022.

Social Media

The City of Cañon City utilities a number of social media platforms to connect to our citizens. If you have any of the following accounts, follow and/or subscribe to our pages to keep up to date on what is happening in the City!

Social Media Policy

The City of Cañon City encourages the use of its social media sites as a forum for discussion. Inquiries will be responded to during business hours. The City reserves the right to remove any speech that is not protected under the First Amendment. Categories of speech that are not given protection under the First Amendment include obscenity, defamation, fraud, true threats, speech integral to criminal conduct, child pornography, incitement of violence or lawbreaking, and fighting words.

Website Management

If you have an issue accessing information on our website or have any other issues with the website, please email us so we can look into the problem and get it fixed!